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Copyright Pricing


One of the first pieces of information many inventors seek in their pursuit of copyright  protection is some idea of the cost of the process. The total cost of obtaining a copyright registration include attorney costs and fees charged by the Library of Congress (LOC) / Registrar of Copyrights.  The fees associated with filing a copyright application with the Library of Congress / Registrar of Copyrights depends in part on what type of copyright application is being filed.  There are generally two broad categories of copyright applications:

Normal copyright applications; and
Expedited (special handling) copyright applications.

Based on the current LOC fee schedule, the fee for a Normal copyright application is $50-65, with Expedited (special) handling being $760.

Special handling is the expedited processing of an application for registration of a claim to copyright or for the recordation of a document pertaining to copyright. It is granted in certain circumstances to those who have compelling reasons for this service. It is subject to the approval of the chief of the Receipt Analysis and Control Division, who must consider the workload of the Copyright Office at the time the request is made.  

Special handling is granted only in specific circumstances. These are:

pending or prospective litigation

customs matters, or

contract or publishing deadlines that necessitate the expedited issuance of a certificate

Special handling is not available for requests to the Office to reconsider a refusal to register.  I advise my clients to seriously consider Special Handling for their copyright registrations as the Certificate of Registration is required for commencement of any copyright litigation and the normal copyright registration process can take a number of months to complete, whereas Special Handling generally guarantees a Certificate of Registration within one month of copyright application.

In addition to the copyright registration fee, the attorney costs for processing a copyright registration is generally $400-600 on top of the LOC fees detailed above, making the total cost for the copyright application process in the neighborhood of $500-$1500.  This total can of course vary depending on the complexity of the application and necessity for timeliness in obtaining the Certificate of Registration.


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