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A big part of our family is our DOGS!  We have three wonderful dogs - Cider (a purebred field Golden Retriever), Jethro  (a purebred mutt), and Sydnie (a red Siberian Husky mix).  We think Jethro might have some Golden in him, as well as maybe some chocolate Lab and maybe some Chesapeake Bay Retriever (due to his yellow eyes).  I tell people who inquire about Jethro's pedigree that he is a Golden Retriever who was raised by wolves in the wild and weaned on chocolate milk!  Jethro was abandoned beside the I-35 highway and rescued by a utility worker who brought him to our Vet.  I spotted him on a Vet visit with our other two dogs at the time and the rest is history.  

Cider was named for her color, Jethro was named after the sniper on the NCIS television show.  Jethro has proven to be quite the hunter, running after squirrels and even nabbing a rat.  Both are as cute as can be, and probably can outscore your honor student on any achievement test that tests cute looks and unbridled affection.

Dog Alert!  We have a NEW DOG!

Sydnie is the newest addition to our dog world.  She is a great dog that we got from a friend-of-a-friend who had to let her go to make room to care for a family member who came to live with them.  Sydnie will have a good home at the Klughart's and we will do our best to live up to the standards set by her previous owners.  At this point, she seems to love Jean best, but I'm sure I'll be her favorite in short time.

As you can see from the picture below, our new addition is now fully integrated into our weekly dog washing regime.  As seen here, we are just about ready to go off to the park for a post-bath walk...

Jethro and Cider making themselves comfortable...


Cider in her element...


For a mutt, Jethro is a very photogenic dog!


Here is Jethro in his element - using my leg as a pillow for his comfort!


But Cider may have the most runway appeal!

Cider as a pup!

Cider and her sister Margie...

Here is a better picture of the two in the Puppy Palace!

Cider in runway mode!

... and napping on the couch!


Spa Treatments

Since I'm the dog's favorite person, I'm in charge of weekly dog spa treatments.  Here we have me performing nail salon treatment for Jethro.  You can tell he just LOVES getting his nails trimmed...

Of course, both dogs get a weekly spa treatment, including deluxe wash!  Cider isn't so much into the wash cycle...

However Jethro is in his element!


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