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This project was for a friend in VA who has some wooded land and does a lot of chain saw work to do.  What my friend needed was a chain saw sharpener.  A friend of mine had once given me a Harbor Freight chain saw sharpener (stock number 93213), but this unit doesn't come with a bench clamp to enable you to secure the unit while it is operating.  I had rigged up a 1x4 on my unit with a welding clamp, but always wanted something a little more refined.  So, this project solved two problems - it gave both me and my VA buddy a clamp for the chain saw sharpener I was going to send him!

Construction of this clamp was pretty straightforward, with a few twists.  The mounting plate to the left was formed from 4-inch wide 11-gauge steel and bent 90-degrees to form the left "L" of the bracket.  The section holding the nut for the screw was TIG welded to the "L" after TIG welding on the screw nut and assembling the aluminum clamping button.  Note that the handle was knurled and drilled to accept the screw shaft with a TIG weld at the far right of the handle.  This project required three welds - the right bracket vertical to the "L" bracket, the screw retaining nut, and the handle to the shaft.  The welding imperfections on the end of the handle were subsequently turned off with my lathe.

The picture below shows the clamp assembled with the chain saw sharpener.  Holes to secure the clamp to the chain saw sharpener were drilled to permit four orientations of the clamp, thus permitting a variety of ways to secure the chain saw sharpener to a bench, table, or other structure.

A side view of the clamp.  The dimensions are relatively straightforward.  Handle is 1-inch bar stock, shaft is 1/2-inch, remaining elements are about 1/2-inch thick and 3/4-1.5 inches in diameter.  The shaft is retained to the aluminum clamp button with a C-clip (not shown).

Lots of wood to saw for the winter so that the boiler that heats the house doesn't run out of fuel!


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