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Dog Mahal


Shortly after my wife and best friend gave me an oxyacetelyne welding rig, my wife and I were faced with a problem with our dog Sporty Girl.  Sporty had always been afraid of thunderstorms, but became increasingly so as she grew older.  It had become so bad at one point that she would burrow into sheetrock walls, tearing up door molding, etc. when she became agitated.  We tried putting her into a conventional wire-cage crate during storms, but even this wouldn't help, as she would just simply grab hold of the wire cage and with one twist of her mouth break all the spot welds on the wire!  After a storm, it looked like a tornado had run through her cage!

The solution was to weld up a custom cage for her and our pup Cider.  Per Jean's specifications, the cage had ample room, a diamondplate aluminum floor for easy cleanup, and bar spacing to prevent Sport from hurting herself during storms.  The result is below.  Construction is with 16 gauge 1/2-inch square tubing rails with 3/4-inch 16 gauge square perimeter borders.  The overall size is about 4x4x4 feet or so, making it big enough for three big dogs.  Note that the side panels interlock using 3/4-inch square tubing and preformed 1/2-inch steel rod, permitting the cage to be disassembled (and transported) if necessary.

While I've seen quite a few dog crates and commercial partition kennels, this custom approach is the best I've ever seen and the only real solution for our family.  This setup resides in our laundry room, and is a perfect spot for the dogs when we are out of the house or if one of them is sick or in need of a quiet place just to sleep.


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