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Grill Refurb


My wife will tell you that I am happiest when I am either running or welding...

One of my hobbies is refurbishing old BBQ cooking grills.  They make great wedding gifts!  Most of the time the cast aluminum shells can be sandblasted, repainted, and refitted with new burner elements.  The often, however, require new and improved stands & wheels. 

Here is a photo of me working on a restoration of a grill in which I cannibalized two aluminum grill shells and made a new double-wide grill stand for the set.  The frame is 1-inch 11 gauge square tubing, with sufficient head room for a 30-lb propane tank (20lb shown).  Fabrication methodology here was 7018 3/32 rod using Miller Econotig® welder.  And yes, the propane tank is there only for mockup purposes - NEVER ARC WELD AROUND LIVE PROPANE CYLINDERS!

Below are photos of another grill restoration.  This grill was on the curb in the neighborhood with a "FREE" sign on it - probably because the owner had cracked the cast aluminum shell and snapped off a portion of the base shell holding up the lid.  It is sad how many grills are scrapped for want of a little repair work.  I generally start out by disassembling the cover and lower shell and sandblasting these two parts and then repainting them with high temperature BBQ grill paint...

This particular grill had a cast brass burner, but the stainless steel bracket connecting it to the gas jets had rusted out, so I welded a new SS plate interface to the burner along with new SS fasteners, a new SS briquette grill (welded with 1/4-inch SS rod), and a new SS igniter cover.  Not shown was a new SS fastening sleeve machined on the lathe to hold the porcelain igniter shaft.  Invariably the hardware for the igniter is trashed, but the igniter itself is OK if you can just reconstruct the supporting hardware.

If you look closely where the lid connects with the base shell you can see the TIG weld bead repairs on the rear of the base shell. 

Here is the completed grill ready for gifting!  So far the recipient likes it - especially the price!


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