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Patent Attorney / Engineer


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Education:          Boston University School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts -  LLM (Taxation) (5/21/2000)

Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, New Hampshire - Joint Juris Doctor / Masters in Intellectual Property Law degrees, 1999 [GPA 3.55/4.05; range of 3.40–3.56 is top 20% of class].  IP courses include:  Introduction to IP, Copyright Law, Trademarks and Deceptive Trade Practices, Patent & Trade Secret Law, International Comparative Copyright Law, Administrative Process for IP, IP Pretrial, IP Management, Entertainment Law, Publishing & Multimedia Law, Cyberspace Law, Patent Practice II, Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution. U.S. News & World Reports has ranked FPLC the #1 intellectual property law school in 1997-1999.

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas - Ph.D., Electrical Engineering  (12/17/94) [GPA 3.5/4.0].  MOS low power analog IC design/modeling.  Qualifying exams in microwave engineering/E&M theory, analog circuit design, computer engineering.

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas - M.S., Electrical Engineering  (12/19/92) [GPA 3.5/4.0].  BiCMOS/microwave/RF design; E&M theory.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts - S.B., Electrical Engineering  (6/3/91) [GPA 3.5/5.0].  David Adler thesis award in biomedical engineering. The majority of my undergraduate and all of my graduate education has been self-financed.

Certification:     Bar Membership:  State Bar of New Hampshire (10/29/1999), U.S. District Court (New Hampshire), State Bar of Maine (10/27/2000), State Bar of Massachusetts (1/17/2001), State Bar of Texas (5/3/2000), U.S. District Court (Eastern District of Texas), U.S. District Court (Northern District of Texas), State Bar of Virginia (6/3/2003), U.S. Court of Federal Claims (1/11/2000), U.S. Tax Court (12/9/1999), United States Patent and Trademark Office (5/8/1995).

Registered Patent Attorney, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Registration #39252 (11/1994 exam).  Approximately 5000 agents and 25000 attorneys are registered to practice before the USPTO.

Registered Professional Engineer (PE).  CA PE #E15516, MA PE #39644, NH PE #9329, TX PE #77834.  Less than 2% of U.S. Electrical Engineers qualify as licensed & registered PEs.

Certified Computing Professional (CCP) specializing in Procedural Programming and Systems Programming; certification via the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP).  Certificate #043471.  There are approximately 50000 software engineers certified by the ICCP.

Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCPS), MS/DOS™ and Windows™.  Reg. #201632.  Approximately 26000 software engineers internationally have achieved MCPS certification.

Associations:     American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA).

National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (NCEES) (1996-2000) One of 14 subject matter experts participating in the NCEES electrical engineering EPE exam preparation and review team.  NCEES is responsible for generating and scoring exams that certify professional competence in a variety of engineering disciplines.  These exams are a prerequisite for licensure as a Professional Engineer in all states and territories of the United States as well as some other countries.  Subject matter expert in analog/digital circuit design & biomedical / microwave / computer / software engineering and lead chair in developing the NCEES PE exam in the EE Computer sub-discipline.

Publications:     Doctoral Dissertation:  A Unified MOSFET Drain Current Model. Investigates a new functional form for the traditional MOSFET drain current equation which traverses cutoff, subthreshold, square-law, and linear regions of device operation.  Research applications include low power analog CAD tools.

Master's Thesis:  Frequency Stability Considerations in the Design of Battery–Powered VHF Transmitters.  Investigated the unique systems considerations required in designing and implementing low power FM transmitters without the use of crystal stabilization techniques.

Inventorship:     Dallas Semiconductor Corporation.  U.S. Patent 5,025,486 for Wireless Communication System With Parallel Polling granted June 18, 1991. This patent involves the error detection and parallel polling algorithms which may be used to differentiate separate and distinct low power UHF transmitters which operate at coincident transmission frequencies in close proximity to a common receiver.

Dallas Semiconductor Corporation.  U.S. Patent 5,543,761 for Prepackaged Crystal Oscillator Calibration and Configuration Interface granted August 6, 1996.  A method by which prepackaged oscillators can be field calibrated without the need for manual trimming of oscillator components.  Advantages included improved frequency accuracy/stability.

Dallas Semiconductor Corporation.  U.S. Patent 5,546,055 for Crystal Oscillator Bias Stabilizer granted August 13, 1996.  This patent covers a micropower bias stabilization scheme for realtime clocks use in personal computers.  Features include improved spectral purity and oscillator stability.

Dallas Semiconductor Corporation.  U.S. Patent 5,798,669 for Temperature Compensated Nanopower Voltage/Current Reference granted August 25, 1998.  This patent covers a very low power temperature compensated voltage/current reference suitable for use in battery powered applications.

Dallas Semiconductor Corporation.  U.S. Patent 5,801,411 for Integrated Capacitor With Reduced Voltage/Temperature Drift granted September 1, 1998.  This patent covers a low cost high stability capacitor structure suitable for use with temperature compensated realtime clocks.

U.S. Patent 6,297,744 for Aerialift Warning System and Method granted October 2, 2001.  This patent covers an audible alarm used to warn and protect bystanders from injury caused by descending aerialift cranes and the like.

U.S. Patent 6,330,931 for Fall Protection System and Method granted December 18, 2001.  This patent covers a safety interlock and warning system and method used to protect operators of portable lift devices from injury due to inadvertent falls, a leading cause of death with this type of equipment.

U.S. Patent 6,396,137 for Integrated Voltage/Current/Power Regulator/Switch System and Method granted May 28, 2002.  This patent covers a vertically integrated regulator/switch useful in mixed signal analog and digital integrated circuit designs.

U.S. Patent 6,847,295 for Anti-Abduction System and Method granted January 25, 2005.  This patent covers a radio-frequency tracking system for the prevention of child abductions and other terrorist events.

Patent Exemplars:

6,847,295        Anti-abduction system and method

6,792,608        Network navigator interface system and method

6,761,963        Integrated thin film capacitor/inductor/interconnect system and method

6,539,549        Safety applicator glove system and method

6,396,137        Integrated voltage/current/power regulator/switch system and method

6,330,931        Fall Protection System and Method

6,328,828        Ultrasonic process and ultraclean product of same

6,303,479        Method of Manufacturing a Short-Channel FET with Schottkey-Barrier Source & Drain Contacts

6,297,744        Aerialift Warning System and Method

6,230,480        High Power Density Combined Cycle Power Plant

6,166,366        System & method for monitoring & controlling deposition of pattern & overall material coatings

6,030,463        System and method for ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing

6,026,172        System and method for zoom lens calibration and method using same

5,943,801        System and method for backlighting a display  



Contact Information:

Kevin Mark Klughart

Registered Patent Attorney, USPTO

3825 Leisure Lane, Denton, TX 76210-5589

tel: 800-353-1211 / 940-320-0580  -  fax 940-320-0581   email  -  web

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