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My friends sometimes describe me as a "geek with a law degree," but I prefer "Patent Attorney and Engineer/Inventor".  There is a little bit of each contained in this website, which I hope will be of some help to those individuals and corporate entities attempting to traverse the maze of law and jargon in the world of Intellectual Property.


This website has been developed specifically to help inventors, artists, and other individuals in their pursuit of Intellectual Property (IP) protection for their inventions and other creations.  While this website can not provide complete legal advice on any particular issue, it may serve some inventors/artists and corporations by answering some very basic questions that I hear from potential clients on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, while there are a number of websites out there providing either significant opinion or raw data, very few seem to have information that IP clients seem need on a recurring basis.  As such I've tried to assemble useful information that can help clients traverse the path of protection for your IP.


The structure of this website is generally self-explanatory, and includes the following information:

My credentials, education, and experience as a Patent Attorney, Engineer, and Inventor;




Trade Secrets;

Tax Law and its application to IP protection;

Links useful in the perfection and protection of IP; and

My personal hobbies and special interests.

For those unfamiliar with Intellectual Property and its many forms, the article  Protecting Your Intellectual Property may useful as an introduction to the topic.  Those of you specifically interested in IP protection for the electronics/semiconductor industries will be particularly interested in the white paper IP Protection for the Semiconductor Industry.  As with any legal issue involving Intellectual Property, you will want to contact a competent IP attorney before proceeding with any form of IP protection.  Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or if I can be of assistance to you in pursuing IP protection for your invention/creation.


Contact Information:

Kevin Mark Klughart

Registered Patent Attorney, USPTO

3825 Leisure Lane, Denton, TX 76210-5589

tel: 800-353-1211 / 940-320-0580  -  fax 940-320-0581   email  -  web

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